New Start Home Health Care / Freedom To Live Care Plan & Independence Training Program


New Start Home Health Care Agency (NSHH) together with Freedom To Live Foundation (FTL), a non-profit organization, offers a quality based, cost effective and 30-year success proven Care Plan and Independence Training Program to individuals living with a SCI or other catastrophic illness or injury.

In order to achieve greater independence and long term health, NSHH and FTL partner to care and train patients to regain control over their life, stay healthy and enjoy an independent life living with or without family at home following an injury or illness.


The NSHH/FTL Independence Training Program is an individualized plan of care designed to follow patients from acute rehab programs to living at home (with or without family at home) with long-term success and happiness. The plan of care and specific goals must be agreed upon by the patient, the payor source and all involved family and/or significant others.

The NSHH/FTL plan is unique to the Home Health model of care. Over the many years of specialized service and the close partnership with FTL, NSHH is able to offer not only a cost effective, comprehensive plan of care and training program but, is able to offer patients and their families post-rehab options that can not be found anywhere else.

        How It Works

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