New Start is set a part from all other home health agencies because its cost effective specialty care and training programs and its unique collaboration with the Freedom To Live Foundation, a non-profit organization for a better quality life.


New Start Home Health partners with Freedom To Live Foundation, a local non-profit organization, to provide a complete solution for transitioning patients from hospital/acute care rehab or long term nursing facilities to living at home successfully.

NSHH / FTL specialty care and training program outlines and implements a long term personal care plan for our recipients who reside either in their own home or at a  Freedom Home Campus.

Our program includes a comprehensive evaluation prior to acceptance into our unique Independence Training Program.



  • Medically Stable
  • Mentally Alert
  • Catastrophically Injured or Disabled
  • Ventilator or Non-Ventilator Dependent
  • Potential to Achieve Independence 
  • Approved Medical Authorization for Care



  1. NSHH / FTL case manager will set up an interview with applicant in person after initial phone/email contact to evaluate and gather appropriate information for eligibility into the NSHH / FTL program.
  2. NSHH /FTL case manager will discuss the details of the NSHH / FTL program and inform the applicant with an overview of the training program’s process, goals and commitment expectations. 
  3. FTL case manager will discuss and determine housing needs and availabilities. If the applicant is need of housing during rehabilitative/independence training program the applicant can apply for residency at the Freedom To Live Campus.
  4. NSHH will determine the nursing care plan and will provide an individualized plan using the following guidelines:

    • Authorization from Insurance Company or other payor to provide appropriate number of skilled nursing visits in order for NSHH to manage the long term plan successfully.
    • NSHH will require a contract with the payor source so applicant is assured access to adequate nursing care ( LVN, CHHA, Attendant Care ) 
    • Signed rental agreement under Freedom to Live Foundation if being discharged to a Freedom Home.
  5. The applicant will be given a “Recipient Agreement Contract” and a plan of what benefits, nursing care and financial resources      (private, insurance or medical) will be required to reach a successful outcome.
  6. After the applicant has agreed and NSHH / FTL has confirmed all requirements for entrance into the program, he/she begins the program immediately.